Friday, October 18, 2013

Danny's Favorite Toys

For my first toy post, I wanted to tell you about Danny's two most favorite toys.

The first is his Chicco Butterfly Spinner.

He first encountered this toy at therapy. At first, he had no idea what to do with it, but it didn't take him long to learn. Soon, he was pushing down on the plunger hard and fast and yelling, “Go fast, butterflies!” Being that he speaks very little and even less that you can understand, this was a major thing for us. Every time we went to therapy after that, it was the first thing he went for. We started looking around for it, but couldn't find it because we didn't know it's name. Then, one day we were in Target and found it! Once I knew it's name, I was able to locate it on Amazon and we got him one immediately. It has been his favorite toy ever since.

It has eight small balls inside that look a little like butterflies. When you push down on the plunger, they spin around and it is very colorful because of a reflective surface in the middle of the spinner. The plunger itself has several bumps on the surface which is a great tactile stimulus for kids with sensory issues. The plunger is fairly easy to push down as well so your child doesn't have to be all that strong for it to work. All-in-all a great toy!

His second most favorite toy is another kind of spinner. It's called the VTech Winnie The Pooh Play 'n Learn Spinning Top.

This one is different in that it is electronic, so it has lights and sounds. We thought that since he already knew how to work a plunger toy that he would enjoy the surprise of those lights and sounds when he pushed it down. We were right about that. He loves when Winnie the Pooh starts to sing to him! The lights flash and Pooh sings him songs and music plays. When he stops playing with it, Pooh asks him a question to get him re-interested. The questions are things like, “Do you know who likes honey?” Then, to answer, you simply move the little Pooh piece on the side. There are similar questions for the Tigger and Piglet pieces. Danny doesn't understand these questions and answers, but your child might. It also has three buttons on the side with shapes and numbers that identify themselves when you push them. Danny has figured out which one says what and he will say them with the toy. Again, any toy that gets him talking is a big hit in my book!

You can find the Chicco toy HERE or the Pooh toy HERE.

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